May 11, 2011

{Mother’s Day}

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend!


Yes…I said weekend.


I started celebrating Saturday and continued on through Sunday.


Saturday my mother/father-in-law, sister, brother & his girlfriend, mom & dad, along with Dan & I got the opportunity to watch a comedy show at a local club. Somehow I got entered to win a party pack of tickets, so we all got to watch for free.

It was such a good time….being able to spend a night out on the town with my family & hubby. I even got all dressed up (in a new outfit I bought that morning just for the occasion), and curled my hair. Amanda agreed to babysit Kalia & 2 of her cousins, all for the price of pizza & some ice cream!

The comedian was pretty good. I was afraid he was going to be a bit mouthy, but he wasn’t too bad (I can’t deal with every other word being a cuss word. I can handle a few, but not the whole show)


Sunday Dan was nice enough to let me sleep in…until 9:30! It was SO NICE!

He & the girls surprised me with a new bike. I was so excited! I’ve not been able to go on rides with everyone else, as I haven’t had my own bike. We just went on our first ride yesterday and I was able to ride 5 miles with no problem (could have went further, but we ran out of time). I was afraid I was too out of shape and wouldn’t make it to the end of our road, but I think I did really good.

That afternoon we took a drive & met at a local park with my side of the family to celebrate some more. We had a nice picnic lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The night ended with the finale of Amazing Race and Coke floats.

My girls were on their best behavior all day and it was just perfect!


(Unfortunately this was the only picture I took that day. I’d planned on getting a picture with my girls, but it never happened. The next nice day we get we’re going to make it work)

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