March 26, 2011

Learning Fun

Because Kalia is so far behind, I’m always looking for fun ideas to help her catch up.



I’ve printed all kinds of matching cards to help with colors (mittens for winter and now umbrellas/raindrops), large Elmo & Kai-lan faces with different parts cut out (eyes, nose, mouth) for her to match up and even some shape cards.

But her favorites are these character bingo-type cards.IMG_8934

I put a bunch of character faces (Elmo, Cookie Monster, Kai-lan, Ho-Ho & Dora) on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of cardstock to use as the base, then printed another copy to cut out to use as matching pieces. I stuck velcro on both pieces to make it easier for her to get them on correctly (and easier to store, as well). She loves this and will complete the game a couple times before getting bored and wanting to move on.IMG_8936


I’m always up for ideas on what to do to help her. She receives physical, occupational & speech therapies at school 4 days/week and I alternate working on those same skills at home every day, as well. One night we’ll work on physical skills for 15-20 minutes, the next occupational, etc. I only have a few activities though, and would love to switch it up a bit more. Any ideas, please share! (And prayers that all this begins to click for her sooner rather than later are more than welcome!)

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  1. OMG!!! Awesome and creative ideas!!! Way to go mom!!!