March 13, 2011

An absolutely perfect weekend

I decided it was time.

It’s been WAY. TOO. LONG. since I’ve spent some one-on-one time with my older girls. Without a 3 year old tagging along & wanting something or whining over something (I swear I have the whiniest 3 year old on the planet!…but we love her anyway Smile )

Anywho….it was definitely time for some fun…just the 3 of us.

Since they were out for spring break, I took the day off Friday and we headed to St. Louis for some shopping. Unfortunately Emilee came down with some bad sinus crap the night before so she was absolutely miserable, but still tried to enjoy herself.

We stopped at the mall first and hit a couple stores. I had them go through their closets/drawers before we left to find out what they needed. I decided to turn our fun into a little learning opportunity as well and gave them each $100 to spend. They could spend it on whatever they wanted (as long as it was acceptable wear), but they had to get what was on their “needed” list.

Both girls did great and was able to get everything, and even a few extras since they spent their money wisely and had some extra.

We were able to find Emilee a nice dress for 6th grade graduation celebration in May. It’s very pretty and I’ll be sure to show it off once it gets altered (the straps are a little big).


We also went out for Mexican dinner and then went to watch a movie….Just Go With It. It was very good…funny!…but I really wondered in the beginning if we’d have to leave. It started out a bit inappropriate for a 12 & 14 year old, but got better & was pretty mild the rest of the movie…with only a few things popping up every now & again.

We finished up our shopping on Saturday…when Emilee felt better.

The weather was perfect…which just made the whole weekend perfect. Can’t wait to do it again!

(unfortunately I have no pics….you’ll just have to trust me…we had a blast!)

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  1. Sounds like fun!!!! Quentin and I have a mother/son day planned for the end of the month, hope we have as much fun :)