March 22, 2011

An absolutely perfect Spring day!

In like a lamb....

Sunday was the first day of spring and it was absolutely gorgeous! There was no way I was passing up the opportunity to get Kalia out of the house! The big girls had no desire to go to the park, and preferred to stay at home with their friends. But Dan, Kalia & I took full advantage of the beautiful weather & high-tailed it to the park right after her nap.

It was a little muddy, but we made the most of it. She did get a little cranky when I wouldn't let her on the merry-g0-round b/c it was surrounded by a ring of water and there was no way for me to push it without getting completely muddy. We finally convinced her the slide & swings were much more fun. She even tried the monkey bars for a few seconds!

The beautiful weather has continued for the past 2 days....and hopefully it's here to stay! 

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