February 18, 2011

Chinese New Year

 IMG_8841_CNY     Xin Nian Kuai Le

We celebrated Chinese New Year with our friends in our local FCC group. We usually have a big shebang, but this year they were unable to secure a location so we had a very low-key celebration. It was fun none-the-less!

We started off taking some pictures of my gorgeous girl in her qipao (her beautiful silk dress). She was being a bit ornery (I know...big shocker) and didn't let me get perfect shots, but they still turned out okay. (Notice the darned book in her hand...there's no way she's letting it go...I did manage to crop it out in a few pics)


cny_not looking


cny_done with pics

Next we enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal with our friends. It was SO GOOD! I had been craving Chinese food all week, so I might have pigged out a bit :)

They always do a drawing for some cool prizes. This year the girls won 4 prizes...one of them was a really cool book all about China (should have taken a pic...) I wanted to find something like this when I was in China, but never did, so this was really cool.

Next we did something very un-traditional and went roller skating with the group.

(This is what Kalia did while we skated. Notice the Diet Dr. P in her hand....she LOVES soda. Doesn't get it often, but when she does she thinks she's in heaven!)

What a fun, fun time! We didn't attempt to put Kalia on skates (she has a hard enough time walking in regular shoes), but Amanda, Emilee & I skated (Dan had to work that night so he was home sleeping). Kalia did a lot better than I expected. The girls & I took turns skating & watching her.

Next weekend is our 1st Chinese New Year celebration with family. I know it's a little late, but it's the only weekend we could make work for most everyone. When Dan works every other weekend it's sometimes a challenge to schedule activities. I've got some yummy food planned (everyone is bringing a dish), some cool activities for the little ones, and a few books to read. I even broke down & purchased the Kai-lan Chinese New Year DVD, much to Emilee's dismay :)  I can't wait to share this tradition with my family!

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