February 28, 2011

Catching Up....Again!

I've really got to do a better job keeping up with this blog. Though I'm sure I have very few readers anymore,  it's really the only place to get things out of my head & into print....before I forget them.


Here are a few things that have been going on. I'll probably elaborate on some of them a little more in separate posts, but just need to get them in print right now.

1. Kalia is by far the hardest child I've ever had to potty train. She's been doing much better, but will still have at least one accident a day and is very inconsistent with letting us know when she needs to go, before it's too late.

2. My husband & kids rock!  They are such great helpers, even when I tend to forget that because they're not doing things the way I would do them.

3. Which brings me to the next thing.....my kids/hubby & I clash all.the.time! We get along great....we love each other with all our hearts....but personality wise.... They are so Type-B and I am so Type-A!

4. Kalia's delays are always on my mind. I wonder if she'll outgrow them, if I'm doing everything I can to help her, what exactly is the cause and how do we work through it. (MRI is scheduled for June so hopefully that will give us a better idea of what's going on)

5. My baby was at the Dr. again today for a really bad cold. We thought it might be pneumonia, but it's not (thank  God!). But it's really bad....lots of coughing, lots of drainage, some wheezing and her chest sounds horrible. She just can't catch a break!

6. I'm so ready for spring. It's been a really long, cold, wet winter and I'm DONE with it!

7. My sister & brother-in-law had to cancel the trip to San Antonio this summer (wasn't able to get off work/school) so we're now planning a trip to Nashville & Atlanta. Can't wait! (Hope to do the San Antonio thing together next year.

8. I can't wait until spring break! The (older) girls & I have planned a mother-daughter day and plan to do some shopping,  have lunch & maybe watch a movie...all without a 3 year old tagging along behind! They are super-excited...and so am I!


I'll end with that for now. I'll try to elaborate on these in the next week or so.


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I hope everything turns out well with the MRI. And I hope potty training gets easier!

  2. Brandi, I read your blog weekly if not daily. I pray for Kalia's results to come out fine and that you find peace in whatever you find out. I so know your concerns as being a mom that has walked this path with an older child and am currently walking this path with a younger one. Please keep us updated on all results for Kalia.

  3. Tamara10:15 PM

    It is time for some spring, right? I hope you get good news on the MRI too.

    My nephews were really hard to potty train. I'm surprised my sis made it through without medication. I visited once and she had bought music videos that involved a Madonna-esque woman and a Rastafarian man singing the praises of using the potty and no diapers. (Meds might have been better than those really).

    Hang in there! :)

  4. Our oldest daughter that has CP took forever to train. She was not trained until around 4 years of age and she still had many accidents during kindergarten. Hopefully Kalia will train early but if not rest assured it does become easier to deal with.