January 14, 2011


or·ner·y (ôrn-r) - disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.


That pretty much describes Kalia this past week. (I know....just look at that face...you'd have never guessed it, would you?!)

Not sure if it's the weather (drab & cold)....the age (THREE)...just finally becoming more comfortable with her surroundings....or a combination of all. But ornery definitely sums up her week!

Here are just a few of the things she's done:

1. Whines...incessantly...driving me crazy!

2. Refusing to potty train. This is an ongoing issue with her. She'll go all day with NO accidents...then the next day have 2 or more! No rhyme or reason, no change in routine...just Kalia being Kalia!

3. Tuesday at daycare she was in time out for not following directions.

4. Wednesday at daycare she was in timeout for tearing all the decorations off the wall. (She didn't tear them up...just took them off the wall)

5. Thursday we were informed that she took all her spare clothes & panties out of her bag & proceeded to "wash" them in the toliet!

6. She's been refusing to use her spoon at meal times....even when I threaten to take her food away until she can eat right.

7. She refuses to sign to let us know what she wants. She'd rather point & grunt, then get mad when you won't give in to her demands. When she does use her signs, they're very lazy & it's hard to tell what she's saying.


Dan is home with her today (she always stays home with him on Fridays). Let's hope she's not driving him crazy and everyone cross your fingers for a nice, relaxing weekend. A phase??? I sure hope it's a short one!

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