November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Parade…and a trip to the Zoo


Amanda’s 2nd to last parade of the year was the Thanksgiving Parade in a small town about one hour from home. It was close to her grandparent’s town, so they were able to watch her march. I skipped out (and was able to have a nice peaceful afternoon to myself…for which I did NOT feel even the slightest bit guilty).

I snapped this pic of Kalia before they left (she was not feeling much like having her picture taken):



And Dan got a few of the band.



The next day we took advantage of more beautiful weather and headed to the zoo. It started out being a bit cooler than we thought it was going to be, and we feared it was going to be a wasted trip. But the wind soon died down, the clouds cleared and the sun began to peek out….and then it began to warm up.

Kalia especially liked watching the penguins…(of which I got video, but can’t get it to upload….will try again later)

Playing on all the statues & toys…





Dan made friends with a goat…


And finally Kalia decided enough was enough…


We ended the day with a trip to Jack in the Box and then began the 90 minute drive back home. We finished off our weekend with chili and the Amazing Race.

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