November 01, 2010



We had a great Halloween weekend.



Saturday was a nice event put on by the church. Unfortunately it was right in the middle of Kalia’s nap time, so she wasn’t very compliant. She preferred to stay attached to someone’s hip and be carried around to look at all the fun stuff going on. After about 20 minutes of trying to get her to play games, we grabbed her free popcorn, juice & candy and called it a day.

She was asleep less than 5 minutes after buckling her into her seat.



We drove around, did a few errands to let her sleep for a bit, then headed over to her school for a trunk-or-treat event. She had a little more fun there, but still wouldn’t really get into it. She’s still not good in crowds, and it was very crowded. We made it all the way around, talked to her teachers/therapists a bit, then headed off to pick up some fried chicken for dinner.

Amanda & Emilee both had parties to attend that night, so Kalia and I just hung out by ourselves.


Sunday was the big day. Amanda had decided she was going to stay home & hand out candy, while Emilee & I took Kalia trick-or-treating (Dan had to work unfortunately).

IMG_8353 Kalia had a great time! She walked right up to the front door, signed more & please (she can’t talk) and thank you after she got her candy. Then she took off at a run to the next house.


We went to about 20 houses or so, then called it a night. She was getting tired of walking, and I was getting tired of carrying her.



Once home I let her pick ONE piece of candy before bed. This was her pick.


I think she had a good time!


Just for fun…..

Here she was last year….



and this year….


Wow…she’s changed so much!    

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