October 06, 2010

Potty Training

IMG_7736We’ve been working on training since June 21. 3 1/2 months now! Somedays I think we’re getting somewhere…and others…nowhere!

I knew it was going to take her a bit. Neurological issues combined with her being nowhere near ready when we started….meant we were in for a long haul. So…I don’t think we’re doing too bad.

Most days she will make it all day with only 1 accident. UNLESS she’s at daycare. Then, for some odd reason, she can’t go through any less than 3 changes of clothes! I know it’s because she gets busy playing and doesn’t say anything (which she’s still working on noticing when she needs to go and letting us know in time to get her to the potty). It’s hard to get the teachers to help watch the time & take her every so often. I know they’re busy, so I don’t say much. They really are good with her, and it’s getting better.

Or was….until she began attending a Special needs preschool for 3 hours each day before going to her regular daycare. Because the teachers at the SN preschool? They don’t really want to work with her, my opinion only! (They say they do….but actions speak louder than words. And when she spends the majority of her time in a diaper, that says they don’t want to mess with it! GRRRRR!). All it’s doing is confusing her!

IMG_7737Hopefully she’ll get the hang of it in the next few months. Because I’m really tired of doing a load of laundry every.single.night, just so we can have enough training panties to get through the next day (I don’t do the pull-ups thing. My opinion only….but they’re too expensive and I feel they hinder the process, more than help).

This is what she did one night while I made her sit on the potty. Oh my! (I had to chuckle under my breath (as I was running for the camera)  …while giving her a stern lecture about not wasting the toliet paper!)



  1. Too funny about the TP. I know that with our oldest daughter that had neurological problems she wasn't near ready to potty train until after 3.5 years. We had to make a hard decision and not send her to the SN preschool because at the regular preschool they were working with her on more things. We recently even had to make the decision and pull our youngest son out of a speech impaired preschool. You definitely have to weigh the good against the bad. Tough decisions you have to make as a parent.

  2. Cute pictures. Love the stars and the toilet paper. We're going through our first round of toilet training and so far, we're good with number one, but number two is tough. Best wishes!