October 06, 2010

Catching up….AGAIN!


AACK! I stink at keeping caught up. SO MUCH going on.

I know…no excuses…

Here goes…

August 28, 2010

Amanda’s birthday was the end of August, and Kalia’s is only 2 weeks later, so we decided to combine the parties this year so our family didn’t have to travel so much.

This year we had the party at a local park. The younger kids had a great time (and Amanda’s pretty flexible….she had a big party last year so wasn’t too worried about sharing the limelight).


We got a big cake for everyone…then a separate small cake for Amanda (as she wanted an unusual design….black with turquoise polk-a-dots…something only a teen would want…ha!ha!)

IMG_7995She enjoyed trying to blow out candles, but wasn’t really successful (she was still working on how to blow at the time….she’s got it down now!).


After some playing…then a light supper of sandwiches, chips & watermelon….we had some cake & opened presents.


Amanda got  mostly cash….but also a new camera from her aunts & uncle…and a haircut/highlights from us.










Kalia opened a ton of gifts! DVDs (Dora & Strawberry Shortcake…her favorites!), some pj’s, a handmade blanket, a Kai-lan night light, a Fisher Price barn toy, some cookware & pretend food, and some little toys picked out especially for her from her littlest cousins.

It was a really nice day for a day a party in the park!

(Like most kids….she LOVED playing with the box!)




Next up….a visit from some long-lost relatives!

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