October 11, 2010

3 Year Check-up

(Just some notes for my personal journal)


Kalia had her 3 year check-up last week. She now weighs 29 1/2 pounds and is
35 1/4” tall.

She was up-to-date on all shots, so only had to get one for the flu. And, miraculously, no fluid in her ears!

Still very delayed, but is progressing nicely.

She can:

  • Potty on the toliet when taken (doesn’t usually tell us when she needs to go, but has no problem using the toliet if we get her there in time…#1 & #2.)
  • Kicks a ball, but not far as her balance is still off and she doesn’t lift her leg too far off the ground.
  • Walks up stairs with alternating feet (holding onto rail)
  • Scribbles
  • Puts on clothing independently (still has trouble with shirts & socks, but does get them on eventually)
  • Beginning to play interactively with other children
  • Has absolutely NO FEAR while playing on playground equipment (she often forgets she’s limited by balance issues and attempts to do things we’re not really comfortable with her doing). Slides are still her favorite.
  • Much more social….will venture away from us (though not far) and play with & alongside other children
  • Becoming more & more independent. We’re fighting with her to hold our hand in parking lots….doesn’t want to ride in shopping carts (prefers to walk beside), etc…
  • Still no talking…still hopeful it will come   :)

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