September 12, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

My beautiful baby turned 3 today! I can’t hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday she was placed in our arms, and only a few short months later that she turned 2. Why does time have to go by so very fast?


Here’s my angel at 19 1/2 months, in China:


Here she is on her 2nd birthday:


And here she is yesterday…just hours before turning 3!


We had a very low-key day, as we had already celebrated her big day a couple weeks ago.


Some of her very favorite things are:

1. Dora & Strawberry Shortcake DVDs

2. Books….any kind…she loves to listen to the story (as long as the story is not very long), and loves to look at the pictures

3. Playing outside

4. Being on-the-go….if someone jumps in the car for any reason, she’s begging to go along.

5. Noodles, rice, or any kind of pasta

6. Her Fisher Price barn….she especially loves the sheep

We love you, ladybug! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy (belated)Birthday to your beautiful girl!
    Gosh the time has flown by. My 2 littles always loved the Fisher Price barn cute. :)

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl! She is getting so big and her hair has gotten so long! I can't believe she is already 3 either!! Ruthie turned two yesterday and I can't believe that either.