July 28, 2010

Progress Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated everyone on Kalia’s progress.

I thought today I’d talk a little about her physical/occupational therapy.


(her therapist)

She’s been receiving physical therapy for 10 months now, and occupational for about 2 months. She did not qualify in the beginning for occupational therapy, but her physical therapist believes she needs some, so she works with her on that, as well. She receives approx. 30 minutes of PT and 30 minutes of OT each week, which, in both my & the therapists opinion, needs to be raised to AT LEAST 2 hours of each every week (probably 30 minutes per session). She is currently receiving her therapy thru First Steps, but will switch over to the school system in September. We have nothing confirmed yet, but she will probably move into their preschool center & receive therapy while attending 1/2 day classes, which will be very good for her & more convenient for us.

Kalia has made HUGE strides in the past 10 months. HUGE! She’s still very much delayed, and may always have some issues, but her progress is amazing! She can now balance on one leg (for about 2 seconds, but still…) and is almost jumping (will do so with someone holding her hand, not quite confident enough to let go & do it alone).

Here is a typical day:

One of her favorite activities (oddly enough) :)


One of her least favorite activities (stringing beads) combined with something fun (swinging):


Some more occupational therapy – which she HATES!


To help with balance:


Some strengthening exercises:


She doesn’t look like it, but she actually has fun crawling thru the caterpillar:


Walking on the treadmill:


Finally….some fun to end the day:




  1. Glad to see Kalia doing so well. That big balancing ball brings back memories of our oldest daughter doing therapy, she too loved the big ball.

  2. Tamara12:21 PM

    I'm so glad to see she's doing well! Therapy looks an awful lot like play too (which is good, right?)

    I hope you all had a wonderful vacation too. Minnesota is a very good place to be in July I think. :)