March 05, 2010

Fun with shaving cream

Call me crazy, but playing with shaving cream just sounded like something fun for us to try.

I started out with just a little squirt on her high chair tray. She played for a bit, then wanted down.

A couple days later Amanda had the brilliant idea to let her play again. I agreed, but said to put her in the tub so she doesn't make a mess everywhere (and she needed a bath anyway, so I thought we'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone). I had her change Kalia into big girl panties, so as not to ruin the clean diaper we'd just put on her. What I didn't think to remind her was that, with shaving cream, a little bit goes a long ways.

Needless to say we had shaving cream EVERY WHERE!!! Kalia did have fun, though, and the mess was fairly contained (to within 3 feet of the tub, at least!).


  1. Oh so much fun! We love playing in shaving cream! Just think of it as she is cleaning the tub with shaving cream :) lol

  2. Another activity that our kids love is creating art in pudding. This way if they get it in their mouth no harm done.