December 26, 2009

Christmas - Part 1

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent with my family. This year, with the economy being what it is and everyone struggling a bit, we decided to skip gift giving this year. To be honest, the kids got WAY too much anyway (everyone did, really) and we were kind of losing the whole point of I was totally okay with it. Or so I thought I would be. I really missed buying for the kids (my nieces & nephews). It's just so fun to watch them receive something they really want. But, I still like the way it turned out and I hope this way they can remember the true meaning of Christmas.

It was a great night with some delicious food & good conversation. The kids did end up getting a few small gifts (some of the kids exchanged gifts they had found for each other) and of course my dad NEVER follows the rules & ended up continuing his tradition of getting each kid gold dollar coins.

We had given the girls a gift to open before heading to my sister's....their Christmas Eve p.j.'s. Kalia ended up with some cute Gymb0ree footie jammies with snowmen, Amanda got a red 2-piece pair with penguins and Emilee got bright green with Christmas trees.

We headed to bed around 11 and couldn't wait to exchange family gifts the next morning. I fell asleep thinking about it being Kalia's 1st Christmas, and whether her birth parents were thinking about her on this day. I also said a prayer for all the children left behind without parents and that they would have their own families soon.

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