October 11, 2009


A certain someone has been feeling a little under the weather this week. Poor baby's been sick since Wednesday with a nasty cough, some chest congestion, runny nose and a low-grade fever. We've been pumping cold/cough meds & Motrin in her for 5 days now, and tomorrow she's headed to the Dr. for something a little stronger.

We tried to take it easy this weekend, but unfortunately there was some errands that just had to be done. She pretty much takes it all in stride until it just gets to be too much, then she breaks down & lets you know it's time to head home :) Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon!

Emilee had a Halloween party this weekend and I needed to pick her up at 8:30. I didn't want to take Kalia out and tried to get her to lay down before I left, but didn't quite get her all the way asleep. I asked Amanda to take my place laying with her, and when I got back (about 15 minutes later) this is how I found both of them.

Now, in Amanda's defense, she was at a band competition yesterday and the bus left at 6:30 a.m. and they didn't get back until 5 p.m. She'd had a ball game until 9:45 the night before, so she was pretty tired. I thought it was cute!

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