October 21, 2009

Pumpkin "Picking"

This past weekend we made our way to Columbia for some pumpkins. One of these days I'll actually take my kiddos to a pumpkin farm...but we don't have many around here (only one that I know of, and I always forget about it).

This is actually a Garden Center, but they have a TON of pumpkins & gourds. All different sizes. Some as big as the girls...and twice their weight!

Regardless of whether it was a farm or not, they all (Dan & I included) had fun picking out that perfect pumpkin for future carving. I allowed them each to get 2, and 1 for Kalia that Dan will carve.

Kalia could have cared less about picking a pumpkin, but did have fun climbing & playing in the gravel :)

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