September 10, 2009

Pretty in Red

We had some photos of all of us taken the other day, and after we were finished & back home, she just looked so cute I decided to take a few more.

She was more in the mood to run & play, so we got a lot of these kind of shots:

She did cooperate a few times, and gave me these nice shots:

Since these last two were so good, we'll call it a success!

Isn't she beautiful?!?!


  1. She is stunning!

    Just the other day I got the email you sent me months ago with Kalia's measurements. It was sent to my yahoo e-mail address and I never, ever check that. I'm sorry! I had every intention of sending you a little something for her. I would love to make her a name bracelet! I will get started on it when we get back into town on Sunday. I think I still have your address.

    One last thing. I just recently saw that you had left a comment asking me about a Chinese Chicken salad recipe(again, forever ago. I don't know what's wrong with me! :) Anyway, no secret recipe here. I buy the pre-made chinese chicken salad from Costco and just add the lettuce. Delicious and simple! Sorry to hijack you comments! Perhaps that would have been better suited to an email :)

  2. She is absolutely precious, love all these pics Brandi! Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family! :)