July 27, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Cool title, huh???

It pretty much sums it up!

Tons of fun....but I'm kinda glad to be back at work so I can relax a bit (is there something wrong with that picture???)

So here's how it all played out....

Saturday morning....10:30'ish....Packed up our troop & headed to the outlet mall to do some back-to-school shopping. Arrived around 11:30 and started our shopping at Aeropost@le...where the girls scored some cute hooded sweatshirts, a hooded sweater-vest and a very cute mini skirt for Amanda (so mini in fact that I warned her if I EVER saw her wearing it without leggings underneath she would be grounded!....but it was cute!). She also scored some cute jeans from Justice and some much-needed tennis shoes. Emilee, who is NOT much of a shopper, didn't get much. She's going to have to break down and pick some stuff out, or she's going to have to suck it up & wear what I pick out for her :)

Kalia scored a few things from C@rter's (she scored a couple nice summer outfits, all for under $4!, and a couple fall outfits for under $12). Tried to shop a bit at OshK0sh, but ran out of time. I always find cute things there! She doesn't really need much, but it's so fun to shop for little girls!

After shopping, and stopping for a quick bite to eat at Arby's, we headed down to see Dan's parents. They needed some help cutting down some trees, so the men did that and I tried (unsuccessfully I might add) to lay Kalia down for a nap. Nope....she was having NONE of that! I didn't force it, as I new we had a 1 hour drive to our next destination & figured she'd sleep then (and she did!).

Next up was my nephew's 2nd birthday party. We arrived a little late (sorry!) and missed him opening his gifts, but got to watch him dig in (read...play) with his cake & cars. The party was held at the city park, so after the kids were done with the cake, they were off to the playground. Kalia went & played for a bit, but preferred to stick closer to Dan & I. She crawled around on the patio and played in the dirt....she was absolutely FILTHY....but had a great time. She was in such a GREAT mood all day long!

For the first time EVER Kalia stayed without one of us present. She stayed with my sister while Dan, Emilee & I (along with my dad) headed off the watch the car races. Amanda did stay with her, and I'm sure that helped. Tina said she did great, and only got crabby at bedtime (which I totally expected). She also didn't enjoy her bath, but she was in with her 3 year old cousins, and in a strange place, so that's to be expected. She got in, got cleaned up & got right back out....just as fast as she could! :)

I was really nervous, as I didn't want to push her into something she wasn't ready for. But it seems like she did o.k. I even braced myself for trouble the next day, but she was an absolute peach all day Sunday, too! My girl has come so far! I'm sure having Amanda there with her really helped, but still.... (She did have a little bit of trouble getting to & staying asleep Sunday night, but not too bad....not sure if it's connected to staying without us or not....)

Anywho....the races were a lot of fun. We have a dirt track, which makes it even more fun to watch...albeit a little (ok...a LOT) messy! Luckily the wind was blowing away from us this time. The last time we went we were covered head-to-toe with dirt and had a heck of a time keeping it out of our eyes. My dad had never been, and he seemed to really enjoy it. Glad he was able to join us. We all had fun!

We finally made it back home around 12:15. Very long, crazy, FUN day!!!

Sunday.....was another busy day. We slept in that morning (Dan got up with Kalia around 7:00), then got started on a few chores. Our laundry was out-of-control! I bet Dan & I did 7-8 loads (including washing all the bedding). Dan & the girls attempted to put up a permanent basketball goal, but didn't quite get it finished. Emilee left around 2 to watch a movie with one of her friends, and the rest of us headed off to watch Amanda's last ball game. They won 15-1 and each girl received a medal & trophy for playing. They won't know until next week where they placed...though they're pretty sure they got 1st (it's 1st or 2nd for sure!). We were back home around 8:15, threw something together for dinner, and Dan & I watched a movie. I finally crashed around 11:45!

What a weekend! Hopefully I can catch up a bit this afternoon, and maybe even get to bed a little early (yah right....who am I kidding????)

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