July 18, 2009

This & That....and Some Pics

It's been an extremely busy week around here (typical for us).

We're still trying to decide on a car...although we've got it narrowed down to a Santa Fe or Equinox. Both have excellent safety ratings, both get high ratings on E dmunds.com, both have excellent warranties and both are within our budget. But I have to say we're definitely leaning more towards the Equinox, as I felt very comfortable driving it, and the girls had a TON of room in the backseat. We'll be making a decision soon....I'll let you all know what we end up with.

The weather this week has been crazy! It started out HOT & rainy, then just rainy, and today it's unseasonably cool (high was around 75! It's normally around 90-95 & HUMID!)

Only 3 more ball games to go. Emilee is playing for 2nd place on Monday, then has a make-up game on Tuesday (that won't affect her place). Amanda has one game left, and as far as I know, her team is in 1st place (they've only lost 1 game this whole season!). Amanda played Friday night and hit a triple! Whoo Hoo...way to go girls!

Kalia is finally starting to gain some interest in walking! She can now stand unassisted for up to 45 seconds, and can walk unassisted approx. 10-15 steps. YEAH!!! I'll have to work on getting some video, as it's so cute to watch them learn to walk.

Here's a few pics of Kalia from this past week (none of the girls b/c they're suddenly becoming "camera shy")

She absolutely LOVES to brush her teeth! Hopefully that will continue as she gets older :)

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