June 15, 2009

Why can't I ever catch up???

Yes...I know...it's because I have kids. But it sure would be nice to feel like I'm even kinda-sorta on top of things.

It seems like there are always about a million projects to be done, and NO time to do them! We seriously need to do something with our yard. We have a gravel driveway, and the weeds are starting to take over. MUST find something to get rid of them! We're also trying to build a nice little hammock/relaxing area in one corner of our yard. It'll be nice...IF we ever get time to complete it.

My house is always a disaster. Not as far as unclean, but just disorderly (which drives me up a wall). It doesn't help to have a toddler AND 2 tweens in the house!

I'm torn between taking a whole weekend & tackling some projects, or spending that weekend doing fun stuff with the girls. So far the girls have won (which is the way it should be, I know, but I still want to tackle those projects!)

Maybe one of these days I'll have that neat/clean/orderly house/yard again....HA!

Here's some pics from our past week or so!

Playing in the water table:

Her typical crab walk:

And typical standing on her head:

LOVE this funny face!

Horsein' around:

Seriously though...we're having a great summer! I'm so thankful I get to spend the majority of the summer off with the girls (working 3 days per week til end of June).

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  1. Well, you ought to have that nice clean house by the time Kalia turns 18 :) I have started to just worry about the house at night, leaving unexpected visitors throughout the day to think I never clean :) Good Luck on your restorations!