May 30, 2009

New Toys!

Miss K got a couple new toys this week.

We made her a ball pit (using a small kiddie pool & purchased balls....much cheaper than the actual ball pits they sell...and works just as good). She likes playing with the balls, but is not sure about sitting in the pit. This video is from the 1st time I put her in. As you can see she had much more fun climbing out & bouncing the ball in the kitchen! Whatever keeps her happy!

We also found a water table on sale at T@rget this week. We set it up on Tuesday and she had a blast! I bet she played there for 30-45 minutes. How fun! Now to find a sandbox (that doesn't cost $70!)


  1. We did the exact samething with the girls and your right it is a lot cheaper and serves the same purpose. We bought the same pool as you have and so they had the stars with bells and the rings to play with as well, so it kept them busy. They liked to throw the balls at each other though :) Looks like she's enjoying her new home and I can't wait to watch her play at Johnson's Shut Ins!

  2. She is soon going to be running around! She is just settling in so well and is growing so much!