May 17, 2009

Home 1 week!

Well, now I know why people who get back from their trip to China don't post right away! It's taken awhile to get back in the groove. Between catching up on laundry & getting the house back in order (my sister house/kid sat for us while we were gone & left the house in good shape, but we quickly destroyed it when we started unpacking!), finishing up the school year & all the activities that go with it, starting softball practice & just trying to get used to having a baby in the house's taken some time.

The girls are absolutely loving having a little sister. Both of them have been a lot of help, and Kalia just loves playing with them. Emilee especially knows how to draw the belly laughs out!

We're having a little trouble getting & staying asleep, but each day brings a little progress.

Here's a few pics from our 1st week as a family of 5!

Hmmm....I'm not so sure about this seat thing!

First bath at home:

Happy Girl!

First family meal!

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