May 24, 2009

2 Weeks Home!

It's amazing how things can change in 2 weeks!

  • Kalia is really blossoming this 2nd week. She's growing more & more secure. She's still very clingy, but she will let me out of her sight for a few minutes at a time now, as long as someone else is keeping her occupied. I was even able to go into town by myself a couple times, and Dan said she did great (of course, as soon as I came back home she was stuck to me, but at least she was good while I was gone. And the clingyness when I came home the 2nd time was a little less).

  • She's sleeping so much better now, too....she goes down for a nap around 12:30 and sleeps till between 1:30 & 2:00, and goes down for the night at 9:00 and sleeps till around 2 or 3. I can now just pat her back to sleep, and not have to bring her into bed with us. She's sleeping in her own crib, in her own room. She does wake up around 5:45 every morning, and since it's light in her room, she thinks it's time to get up (uh....not a morning person, honey!), so I usually bring her into bed with us so she'll sleep another hour or so.

  • She's still not walking alone...not even really interested in trying. There have been a couple times I've noticed she'll let go & stand for just a couple seconds without holding on to anything, but not too many. I'm trying not to force'll come in time. (She is 20 months old though, so hopefully the time comes soon!)
  • We went to the park for the first time, and she wasn't quite sure what to think. She didn't mind the baby swings, as long as I was holding her hand. I tried letting go after a bit, and she started whining, so I held on. We tried the baby slide too, and she thought that was pretty cool. Emilee took her down the big slide, and she wasn't too sure about that.

Happy girl!

Not so happy....notice anything (or anyone missing?)
  • She went to softball practice with Emilee last Thursday evening. She wanted out of the stroller, didn't want to be held, and didn't want to walk around with Dan, so he set her down in the gravel. I thought she'd start hollering to get up (wouldn't like the texture), but she really enjoyed it. I had put off buying the sand & water table I'd wanted to purchase, for fear she wouldn't touch it this year, but I think I'm gonna go find one. I really think she'd like it.

  • This week we've also been working with her on putting food in her mouth. She would pick it up, but would not put it in her mouth. While in China we tried, but she would pull her hand away. Then we got to where she would put it in her mouth if we guided her hand to her mouth. Just this week she will actually pick food up off the tray & put it in her mouth all by herself. Of course, she's a bit stubborn, so she whines & cries waiting for you to do it for her. When she finally figures out you're not going to, she does it on her own! :)

  • Baby Girl has quite a temper! She is used to getting her way and she thinks she's still supposed to get it all the time. Most of the time the temper shows itself when we're feeding her and we either don't feed her fast enough, or don't give her a bite of what she wants. Like the other night we were feeding her chicken, green beans, baked beans & noodles. I had given her bites of chicken & she was fine with it....until I gave her bites of noodles & baked beans. Then when I tried to give her a bite of chicken, she threw a fit! :)
It really is amazing though how fast she's coming around. It amazes me every day how resilient kids are. I know she's still going to have her rough days, but I think things are coming along great! Next week is my last full week off. Then I work 1 full week (covering for someone on vacation), then 3 weeks part time. I'm really enjoying my time off, so it will be hard going back. Hopefully everything will go smoothly...for both of us!


  1. She is doing so well. The anxiety attachement gets better! And she is much better at this stage than Isabella:) You do look back on the first few weeks and wonder how on earth you got through it all! Sleep deprived and aching arms, but so so worth it!