April 22, 2009

Leaving Friday!!!!

Finally...after almost 3 years since we made the decision to adopt, we're on our way!

We leave Friday morning (bright & early....heading to the airport around 3 a.m....YUCK!), and return on May 10 (Mother's Day). Here's our itinerary:

Friday/Saturday - Travel...1st flight from STL to Newark....2nd flight Newark to Shanghai...3rd flight Shanghai to Changsha. When all is said & done we'll have been traveling for almost 24 hours!

Sunday - Relax in Changsha....prepare to meet Kalia

Monday - Forever Family Day!

Tuesday - Finalize Adoption

Wed. - Sun. - Just hanging out in Changsha...doing a little touring....a little shopping...and LOTS of playing with Kalia. We hope to be able to squeeze a trip to Chenzhou SWI in there on the weekend.

Monday - Chinese Passport ready. Fly to Guangzhou. Check into Victory Hotel

Tuesday - Medical Exam...SHOPPING

Wednesday - Consulate Appt....MORE SHOPPING

Thursday - Swearing in Ceremony & fly to Beijing

Friday - Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong/Rickshaw tour, Acrobat show

Saturday - Great Wall, Summer Palace

Sunday - Prepare for LONG flight home at 3:45

We'll be posting mostly on our travel blog at http://www.welcomekalia.blogspot.com/ Feel free to follow our journey.

I can't believe the time has finally come!


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  2. Congratulations Silver's Family! & to return home on MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I have goosebumps! AWESOME! I am so happy for you all. Kalia, you are almost home sweet one, almost home! Can't wait to follow along. So exciting & thrilling to know that another forever family is going to finally be united! Many prayers & blessings being sent your way! Travel mercies to you & yours...& of course, praying that Kalia's heart is being prepared for the days ahead & what is to come. As we all know, we all have been waiting & anticipating her, but she has not been in the loop about all of this! It will come, as it always seems to with these little ones! Enjoy every minute of the next weeks. Did you get my video, "It won't be like this for long"? That is so true, huh?

  3. SORRY! I deleted my first comment. Hit "post" before I meant to! OOOPS! Surprised it let me delete it, but it did.

  4. So happy for everyone. You'll love China, the people and the food. Take it day by day and just try your best to bond right away. All the other stuff is great, but once you have your little one - the only thing that will matter is just wanting to be w/her! Look forward to following your travel blog and congrats!