April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

I know I'm a little late getting these up, but, hey....
We had a wonderful Easter. Very low-key, as usual.

The girls dyed eggs Saturday evening. I didn't get any pics (WHAT????), but they had a lot of fun.

Sunday morning they opened their baskets (which included a couple things of candy & a movie (Twilight for Amanda) and computer CD (Pet Care for Emilee).

We hid eggs Sunday morning & the girls enjoyed hunting them. Then they turned around & hid them for us. I haven't done a hunt in a LONG time, so this was a lot of fun. Dan & I are very competitive, so we were running all over the yard trying to see who can get the most (not sure who won....we didn't take it so far as to count)

After that the girls (Emilee especially) helped finish dinner. The ham had been in for a couple hours by then, and smelled delicious. We had au gratin potatotes, cottage cheese salad, rolls, & deviled eggs, of course! There was angel food cake with strawberry sauce & whipped cream for desert. Yum!!!

We put Twilight in and the girls played Emilee's computer game. Just a nice, lazy kinda day!

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