March 16, 2009

What a beautiful weekend!

The sun was shining....the weather was warm....and flowers are beginning to pop up (I even have some crocus blooming)

I do believe Spring is on its way! And I, for one, am SO READY!

Every spring & fall one of the local cinemas offers free matinees on the weekends. This week they were showing Madagascar 2, so we watched it Saturday morning. Not too bad....some funny parts....but definitely not my favorite (although the girls thought it was funny). Definitely worth the price....heh! heh!

After that we did a little shopping. Nothing exciting...just picked up some staples (water, eggs, etc...) Trying to decide what to buy for the nannies/orphanage directors/officials for our trip. I have a few ideas, but haven't purchased anything yet (except some chocolates....if I don't break down & eat them first :) )

Amanda wanted to stop by the library to look for the next book in the Tw!light series...New M00n, I believe. They were out of all their copies (I think they said they had 14-15 copies), but she's been added to the waiting list.

Finally we headed home and played two-on-two softball with Dad until he had to get ready for work. We have a nice size backyard, with a field behind, but didn't feel like chasing balls so we played with the plastic ball & bat. Even with that the girls were hitting over our heads....even into the field once. Man...they're getting good! It was nice to get out & enjoy the beautiful weather.

The lovely cybershower ended our perfect Saturday.


Another beautiful, semi-lazy day.

Once again the weather was beautiful!

A little cleaning in the morning....(necessary evil!)....then off to play some basketball with the girls. We have a b-ball goal in our backyard, but the girls prefer the nicer court at the we walked up there (about 1/3 mile).

The girls have been craving fruit, so I bought some strawberries, kiwi & bananas yesterday, then broke out the fondue pot & melted some chocolate to dip it in. (I know...kinda defeats the "healthy" snack... but hey....) It was delicious!

This week the weather is supposed to be in the upper 70's, so we hope to get out & enjoy the evenings.

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  1. I just saw the picture of your girl! Such a beautiful baby!!!