February 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Saturday....Amanda had her 2nd week of basketball. She gets a little better each week. This week they lost their first game, but won their second. She played pretty good in the 1st game, but really made some good plays in the 2nd one. She rebounded quite a few balls, shot a few, and even ended up making 6 pts for the team! For the first year she's played, she's doing great! Right now she's just playing intramural games, but tryouts for the school traveling team is in a couple weeks. Hopefully she'll make it! If not, oh well! She's having a great time no matter what!

Her aunt, cousins & grandpa came to this week's games, which really made her day!

After the game we headed to Olive G@rden to grab some lunch. A few years back we started a tradition of going there for V@lentine's Day every year, and we ALL look forward to it. They have some DELICIOUS food. The girls always end up with some kind of seafood dish. This year they both had shrimp.

They also scored a card, some chocolates & pink nail polish from us, and some carnations from their friends. (The school sells them for $1 each as a fundraiser). I got chocolate (perfect gift!), and Emilee made me & Dan a card & some "LOVE" art.

Sunday....We slept in today, then Emilee & I headed into town for a little shopping. We picked up a new ceiling fan for Kalia's room, scored a couple things off the sales rack at Old Navy, grabbed a 4 GB flash drive that was on sale for only $10! (which I thought would be great for backing up pics while in China), and purchased our gifts for this month's secret pal exchange. After grabbing a bite to eat at T@co Bell, we headed home and got to work on sanding the drawers for the dresser we're refinishing. We got 3 of the 5 sanded, and got 1 coat of stain on those 3. The 2nd coat will go on them tomorrow, the other 2 will be sanded & the 1st coat on those tomorrow and by Tuesday the dresser should be finished! The stain doesn't match the crib exactly, but it's darn close! The only thing left to stain is the bookcase.

I'm having a hard time finding a small table/chairs for Kalia's room (something she can have tea parties with, or use for arts/crafts). Anyone know where I can grab one? I'd love one that's unfinished so I can paint or stain myself, but may have to go with one already done. I can't seem to find a good quality, but reasonably priced, one ANYWHERE!

Hope everyone had a great V@lentine Day & weekend! For those of you off tomorrow, enjoy your day! (It's back to work for me, although Dan & the girls are off)

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