January 23, 2009

So...Just Where is Kalia?

Kalia is currently residing in a SWI in Hunan, China. (highlighted in red above)

Hunan is located in the south central part of the country. Changsha is the capital (located in the northeast part of the province), and is where we will go to complete the Chinese part of the adoption. Changsha is an approx. 4 hour drive from her orphanage. (Remember, their roads are nothing like ours, so she's going to have a very long, tiring journey to her new family)

Hunan's climate is subtropical, with mild winters & lots of precipitation. Temps range from 37-47 in January to 80-86 in July.

Hunan's main crop is rice, and it is also an important center of tea cultivation. It's also well known for it's spicy food.

The Hunan province is filled with many craftsman skilled in embroidery, jade carvings & other handmade goods of international quality. (You can bet I'll be bringing back some of this "international quality" jade & embroideries!)


  1. So you have a "spicy" Hunan girl. Hunan is just west of Grace's province, Jiangxi. Grace has several friends from Hunan and they are beautiful little girls.

  2. Spicy foods huh! I guess that is why I like Hunan Chicken so well. You seem to have done your research:) We all can't wait to eet her.

  3. It looks lovely, you will have a fantastic time in China the memories will be precious. The time will pass very quickly and your daughter will be home soon:) A new year, and new beginings for you all.

  4. I am way behind on reading blogs so I just wanted to say a late Congrats on your "spicy girl"...how exciting!!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, here’s wishing you all the happiness and prosperity you so deserve. This will be one to remember!!!

    Smiles! :o)

  5. wow....congratulations!! I'm way behing on my blog reading, so I just saw your AWESOME news!! I'm, so happy for you and your family! Keep us posted!