January 30, 2009

Let the Fun Begin!

So much to do....so little time. It's amazing how much there is to be done before we leave! With the help of some BTDT friends, I've begun making some lists & getting started on a few things. I've started collecting a few things that we KNOW we'll be taking with us....right now they're piled in a corner in her bedroom. I have a list of what we will need to take & what we still need to buy.

We started working on her bedroom last week. The painting is done, and Dan is finishing up the closet organizer today. The crib is put together and her bedding is ironed & on. We decided to save a bit of money & use a dresser that used to be Emilee's. It's a nice, heavy, beautiful dresser that we will stain to match the crib. I still need to find a small table/chairs, and Dan still needs to find time to build her toybox. Then of course I'll need to purchase a few accessories. I'll be sure to post pictures when everything's complete.

We did take a trip to Baby's R Us & Target this weekend, and managed to purchase most of the big items (high chair, crib, pack-n-play, car seat, etc...), and some clothes, of course! I'm guessing she'll be in 12-18 months when we bring her home, so that's what we're concentrating on purchasing. Baby's R Us had a really good clearance sale on winter clothing, so we did purchase a few 24 month pieces for next winter. The onesies with the really cute sayings we found on clearance at Carter's. I just love the one that says "New Family Favorite" and "This is what cute looks like". We had so much fun shopping for all the cute baby things. It's been a while since I've been able to play in the baby aisle. They have some pretty cool things out there!

If anyone has any advice on what I need to be doing, I'm all ears! I want to get as much taken care of while we're waiting on TA that I can. That way once our TA arrives we'll be all ready to go!


  1. Brandi,
    I'm not sure about this whole adoption thing or if and how delayed she'll be, but I think your doing fine. I have some things left from the girls (if you need them)and of course I'll do my share of spoiling. You sound like you're right on track! If you need anything, please let me know, I want to help as much as I can. Even if it is buying a pack of diapers, I'll do what I can.

  2. No advice here. Just wanted to stop in and say how very excited I am for you guys. I hope you'll be blogging from China(Because, you know, you won't be that busy or anything :). Can't wait to see your girl in your arms!

  3. We were worried that at 13.5 months Isabella would be delayed as she was in a SWI since day 1 of her life. We were wrong she was walking! with excellent co-ordination and was soon running! She is bright and is more ahead of her mile stones than behind so be prepared for the worst that she is delayed, but she might be on target or even ahead:).

    She will be shocked for a couple of days and it will take a while for her real personality to come through! Isabella took about 2-3 days! So just let her be a baby and it will help with the attachment. One thing I wished I had packed was swimming nappies!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt find any in China and if its not too cold she may love swimming! ANd its such good close physical contact.

    I am so excited for you and hope you PA arrives soon! So we can see her pictures! And rest!!!!!!!!!!