December 17, 2008

Winter Getaway

We're back from our Winter Getaway.

Chicago was a blast!

We left early Friday morning and drove thru to Springfield, where we stopped for a couple hours to tour the state capitol building. Their's is so much fancier than ours! My pictures don't do it justice, but it was really pretty!

We continued on to Chicago (actually Rosemont, about 20 minutes southeast of the big city), and arrived there around 6 p.m. (should have been a bit earlier, but we missed our exit and had a bit of a time getting turned back around). It was REALLY cold & windy that night, and parking for the hotel was about 1/2 block away. We big deal, we'll brave it & all walk in together. We should definitely have taken Dan up on his offer to let us off at the front & park the car himself :) It was COLD!!!!!! (We didn't make that mistake again the rest of the trip. When he offered to let us off up front, we got out quick!)

The hotel was very nice! A little noisy, since they had a Chinese school there for some function. But, very cool! The girls loved the revolving door and the glass elevators (nope...they obviously don't get out much!).

We'd had a long drive, so we dropped everything in the room & headed out for some dinner. Then we came back, threw on our swimsuits & headed for the pool/hot tub. HEAVEN!!!! We fell asleep around 10:00, so excited for the next day & our adventure to the Museum of Science & Industry.

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