December 20, 2008

Winter Getaway - Day 3

Day 3 found us braving the wind & rain & heading to N@vy Pier.

B@nk of Americ@ was hosting a W!nter W0nderFest at the Pier, and we were excited to check it out. It was beautiful! There were all kinds of fun activities including rock climbing, ice skating, a couple of HUGE blow-up slides, cookie decorating, carousel, ferris wheel, a rope course, etc... There was a whole area of video games (N!ntendo, W!!, etc...), which Dan was absolutely in love with!

The girls had fun, but I think they were excited to get to the @merican Girl store and still a bit tired from the long day before. They hated standing in line, and so didn't want to stick around for too long. To be fair, it WAS more geared toward younger kids, so I understand that they didn't want to hang out for long. I just wish they would have decided they didn't want to do any of the activties BEFORE we spent $65! :)

The @merican Girl store was amazing! Wow! The girls couldn't get over the fact that you could bring your doll in to have lunch with you (they had high chairs made just for the dolls), get their (the doll's) hair styled, you could even take your doll to the restroom with you (they had little "clips" to hold the dolls on the stall while you did your business!). Crazy!

We looked around for a couple hours, while Dan took off to the indoor mall (I guess the doll store is not a guy's thing!). Both girls ended up with a collection of books about their favorite doll (Emilee loved Kaya and Amanda's favorite was Felicity). Emilee really wanted a doll, but I just couldn't fork over the $100....especially since if she got one Amanda would have wanted one too. Maybe I can get her one for her birthday, if she's still interested. I really hated telling her no, as she never asks for anything!

More swimming at the hotel rounded out our last day in Chic@go. Everyone had to be in bed by 11:00, so we could be up & ready to leave for home by 8:00. We wanted to get home fairly early so we could get unpacked & rested up before going back to school & work the next day. Of course, we had car problems on the way so we didn't end up back home until 9:00 that night (should have been home by 4 or so). Luckily we were able to find a garage with some awesome mechanics who pulled all kinds of strings to get the part we needed ordered & on in under 4 hours. Hanks Garage in Des Planes, IL rocks!

It was a great short trip. We're getting pretty good at cramming a lot into a 3 day trip, and still enjoying it! Our next 3 day trip will be early summer....narrowing it down between Atlanta & Minnesota (Mall of America!)

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