December 23, 2008

We're ready....I think!

2 days til Christmas and we're ready...I think.

The presents are all bought, wrapped & under the tree. The girls have 3 hours of school left and they're out until Jan. 5 (Amanda has a movie party today...she even got to wear her PJs to school. Emilee has a full day of games, food & fun!) The house is cleaned (not that we're going to be here, but I hate coming back after the holidays to a dirty house). I've got to pick up a few things at the grocery store tomorrow, but other than that we're just ready to go.

We celebrate Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and Christmas Day with Dan's side. So technically only 1 day til the fun begins! Can't wait to see everyone (my aunt is even flying in from CA...finally I'll get to see my cousin. She's over a year old and still haven't seen her in person!), party, watch the kids open their presents (Christmas is the best when viewed thru the eyes of a child!), eat some yummy goodies & just enjoy the holiday.

Everyone have a safe holiday. Merry Christmas to all!