December 28, 2008

A Perfect Christmas (Eve)

We've had such a good, long weekend....albeit a busy one. I'm still tired, and have to go back to work tomorrow. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was perfect!

Our fun started Wednesday night...Christmas Eve. As usual we celebrated with my side of the family. We met at my sister's around 6:00, had some sandwiches & snacks, then proceeded to open a mountain of presents. We have a TON of people in our family, so it takes FOREVER to open all the gifts....but there's nothing better than watching all those kiddos open something they've asked for.

Emilee & Aria (my niece) are in a MAJOR H@nnah Mont@na stage, and both made out pretty well. I think everyone cleaned out the stores in the area. Emilee got 2 bags and a purse, 2 t-shirts, 2 vests, 2 pairs capris, crocs, blanket/pillow, jewelry box, DVD, and a DVD game (from Dan's parents)....all Hannah Montana! She was in heaven! She also made out with a sand art kit, 2 Webkinz, J0n@s Br0s CD, bath goodies, earrings, ipod car charger, gift cards, etc...
Amanda got a monkey pillow/blanket/slippers, chemistry kit, Webkinz gecko, T@ylor Swift CD, H1gh Sch00l Music@l CD, gift cards, earrings, ipod charger, bath goodies, Ariel's Beginning movie, Tw1l1ght Book, carry-on bag (for sleepovers...she loved it!), etc.

Dan & I made out pretty good, too! I had asked for a new set of dishes & some computer (nerdy) stuff. Let's see....a new set of dishes, platter, punch bowl, angel figurine, external hard drive, games, V1sa gift card, 0live G@rden gift card, etc... Dan really wanted an air compressor & nail gun, so he was super-excited to open that. He also got H@ncock, waffle maker, deep fryer, gift card, impact wrench, some smaller tools, etc. Every year Mom makes us some homemade goodies (well, some are store bought, but we appreciate them anyway). This year our "goody box" included such things as apples/oranges, hot cocoa mix, homemade fudge/cookies/choc. covered pretzels, beef jerky (always a HUGE hit!), pancake mix, etc.... We always look forward to opening that and appreciate all the time she puts into putting it all together! Thanks Mom!

It was a GREAT night and, while we were tired and knew we needed to get home (so we could get up early the next day), noone really wanted to leave. We finally headed home around 10:30, and made the girls hurry & get Santa's cookies together and get in bed (around 12:00). For once, they got right in bed and fell asleep pretty quickly (it pays to really wear them out!!!) Dan & I hit the sack shortly after (after filling the stockings & bringing out Santa's gifts), knowing the girls would wake us up early the next morning!

*In the collage above, my sister got a thong as a gag gift from my dad. We thought it was hilarious, and of course just HAD to include the picture in the collage!

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  1. Family is sooo wonderful!! Glad you were busy and had fun..Too all the pics