November 09, 2008

Weekend Recap

FRIDAY - My birthday!!! A day off work to do whatever I want! Since the girls were in school, it was just Dan & I. We enjoyed a relaxing day....a few errands early afternoon, then a late lunch at Chili's (one of my fave restaurants), then we headed back home & watched a movie til the girls got out of school. Nothing much...just nice to relax. My hubby & girls got me a tripod for my camera. Can't wait to try it out!
SATURDAY - Man was it cold! This weather is INSANE!!!!! Early last week it was in the mid-70's. By Thursday it had dropped to highs in the upper 50's-to-low 60's. Not bad....I can handle that. But Saturday was CRAZY! It was a high of 39 degrees....and WINDY!!!! VERY cold! Needless to say we did NOT get out & do much of anything. Just hung around the house & watched a couple movies. I did get to work on some scrapbook pages....maybe one of these days I'll get all caught up and can work on making a book.
SUNDAY - Still COLD today...but not as bad as Saturday. The girls were going crazy sitting around the house (& driving me crazy....what are going to do when it starts to snow?!), and were begging to go to the park. So we did. And we took a picnic lunch with us. What were we thinking? When we got there it was way too cold to eat, so we thought we'd just play for a bit (I'm sure we looked crazy all bundled up in our winter coats & gloves), then head home to eat. The girls ran and played, and Dan & I walked the trails around the play area. By the time we'd walked twice around, the clouds had left and you could feel the temperature rising. It's funny how it could go from so very cold, to tolerable in such a short amount of time (I bet we were only on the trails for 15-20 minutes!). I think there was a higher power involved & knew how much the girls NEEDED to run off some energy (and how much I NEEDED them to!). We ended up eating our sandwiches, playing tag and doing flips on the monkey bars (even I hung upside down & did some flips....makes you feel young again!). It was SO much fun....just what we needed!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend.

    Happy Birthday!!