November 12, 2008

Remember When.....

  • you were so excited when you made the decision to adopt
  • you daily followed everyone else's journey while you were paperchasing
  • you joined all kinds of yahoo groups for information and swaps
  • you bought clothes and toys for your little one
  • you just knew you would have your child in less than 12-18 months
  • you bought all kinds of books to help prepare yourself for adoptions
  • you talked about the adoption non-stop (and got your kids all excited for a younger sister)
  • you painted and prepared your little ones room (haven't done this yet....thank goodness....but would love to have a reason to get started)
  • you celebrated each milestone you, paperchasing, LID (still document it, but not much celebrating going on)

  • you follow only 1 or 2 families journeys (I still follow A LOT, but it does get painful at times)
  • your yahoo groups have become stagnant due to the long wait and you have swapped everything you can think of (Other than my secret pal gifts every other month, I only do a couple a year)
  • you know your child won't join your family in less than a year (or 3...or 4....)
  • you talk about the adoption every now and then to people who still remember you are adopting
  • your childs books, clothes, and toys are all packed away from the dust and you are hoping the toys are not dry rotted before your child gets to play with them. You also hope the clothes are still in style. (I haven't bought anything for Kalia in a LONG time)
  • you are tired of the color and theme you picked out for your child's room

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: you know you have a LID, but will you ever get a referral? (That, my friends, is the million $$ question!!!)

(This was taken from a topic on the Rumor Queen site)


  1. Happy LID-versary coming up!

  2. So true! I have been trying to keep the faith but sometimes I really feel like this isn't going happen for us. I can't wrap my head around another 2-3 year wait.

  3. Hi, just stopped by to say hello and give you some encouraging words. Yes, it's frustrating and yes you will have your baby in your arms! Just remember, there is a child out there who needs you as much as you need her!

    Hugs from NJ