September 07, 2008


We made it through the weekend!

It was a busy one....but lots of fun!

Friday night Emilee had a friend over to spend the night. I was glad she was finally able to work the schedules out so that someone could come over. It seems that Amanda is always going somewhere, or one of her friends are always over, but Emilee's friends seem to be harder to coordinate with, for some reason.

Those girls ran non-stop. Amber came over around 4:00 Friday afternoon, and we finally had to make them come in at 9:30. They cleaned up, put their pajamas on, and played in the bedroom for another hour or so. We finally said bedtime at 11:00, which only meant they put a movie on and had to stay in the room, with the lights out. Dan & I went to bed around 12:30 and they were still awake. Not sure what time they zonked out!

They were up fairly early Saturday (around 8:30) and back outside right after breakfast. We headed into town around 1:45 to go roller skating. They skated the entire time, with only about a 15 minute break. Amber likes to use inline skates, so of course Emilee had to have them as well.

We took Amber back home at 4:00, changed clothes, and headed back into town to have dinner with our "Waiting Families" group. One of the members of our group is no longer waiting (they brought their daughter home the end of July), so now when we get together we have a beautiful little one to stare at & play with (and boy is she a cutie!).

By the time we got home, the girls were dead tired! I think Emilee managed to stay up til around 9:30 or 10:00...Amanda made it to around 11:15.


Our August secret pal gift arrived on Saturday, too. The theme this month was "What a Cute Outfit", and Lisa (our not-so-secret secret pal) found the most adorable dress from Baby Gap. I just so happen to have the cutest little white shoes that will look perfect with this dress. I absolutely can not wait to see Kalia running around in this beautiful dress & her white shoes. She's going to be so cute! Lisa also sent 2 of the softest, cutest teddy bears for the girls and a stuffed panda for Kalia. Thank you so much! We, as always, loved everything!


Dan finally managed to finish the deck...well, most of the way, at least! It's been stained all the way, but I think it may need one more coat. Then all we have to do is add the lattice around the bottom, and we're done! YEAH! Now, if I could just find some nice furniture on clearance!


On Sunday, I decided the yard needed some major help. We've been so focused on finishing the kitchen and doing some indoor home improvements, that our yard has been kinda neglected this year. I wanted to purchase some pretty mums for fall, and get rid of the weeds that have taken over our driveway, so we took a quick trip to Lowes. That quick trip resulted in $130 worth of damage, but the flowers are really pretty, don't ya think?

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