July 21, 2008

Ball Games & Birthday Parties

Wow! Seven days gone by since my last post. Where does the time go?

Softball is pretty much consuming my every waking hour, it seems. We average 4 games per week, a lot of those between 30-45 miles away. Pretty much all of Amanda's away games don't even start until 8:15 p.m., so that doesn't put us home & in bed until around midnight. Might not sound too bad to some of you, but I like my sleep (at least 7 hours or so). But I do love to watch them play. So it's all worth it, I guess :)

This weekend was my nieces 2nd birthday, and my nephew's 1st birthday...all combined into 1 huge, awesomely-fun party! We all met up at Miner Mike's, a really cool indoor family fun center. The kids all ran through the maze (to run off whatever energy they had), had some cake/ice cream (to gather some more steam to play some games) then played arcade-type games (to run off the last of the energy). I'm sure they were all asleep in the car almost before they left parking lot. Emilee had a blast running through the maze, and Amanda, who said she's too old for the maze (huh, there's an age limit to playing in the maze???), had a blast playing at Buster's (another game room which caters to teens & older). What a great time!

Happy Birthday Kierstyn, Kariana & Peyton!!!!

Aunt Brandi, Uncle Dan, Amanda & Emilee love you bunches & bunches!

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to everyone! Looks like lots of fun!