April 20, 2008

I'm Back!

Did you all miss me?

We've been staying very busy around here. I'll try to fill you in...
  • The company I work for is being sold. I've never been through a sale before, but from what I've heard from others, this one is going really well. There are so many variables in a sale...the first, and most important, is whether you'll still have your job with the new owners. I'm happy to report that I will not only be keeping my job, but will not see a drop in salary (and my current manager has even put in for a raise for me...YEAH!!!!). I will retain the same number of vacation days I've always gotten, but will only get to carry only what I've got built up right now (12 days), and will not get any more until April 30th of next year. So, essentially I'm losing approximately 7 days :( I've also lost all my sick leave, except for 5 days. This is a major bummer, since I was saving all my sick leave to stay home with Kalia. I had approximately 50 days built up. I'm SO BUMMED about that, but will still have the chance to build them up again before she comes home (although hopefully she'll be home before I have time to build up 50 days!) Most of my other benefits will stay intact, so all-in-all I think it turned out o.k. Could have been worse, yes???

  • We're planning a mini-vacation to Denver in 13 days. I'm so excited! We've been saving like crazy the past year, and paying down all our debt. We've now got pretty much everything we need saved up (just lacking a couple thousand, and still plenty of time to save), so we've decided to take a much needed break. We won't be gone long, just 4 days, but we plan to take the girls up into the mountains, join in the downtown Cinco de Mayo celebrations and catch a Rockies vs. Cardinals ball game (GO CARDS!). Can't wait!!!!

  • I got a new toy!

It's a Canon S15S, 8 mp, 12x optical zoom, LOTS of extra features. I haven't been able to play much, but so far I LOVE it!

I'd been planning on getting a new camera closer to travel time, but decided to put a little of our tax refund to good use and purchase one now. Mostly, I wanted it and just couldn't wait. It was on sale, so it's o.k. Right? Still learning how to use all the wonderful features, but I'm getting there. The girls have field trips next week, so hopefully I'll have it down to a science by then. The weather today was absolutely beautiful (mid 70's and sunny), so I did some playing today. (Pictures tomorrow)

Oh...and we put new lighting in our kitchen/dining area. Pictures of that tomorrow, too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll try to be a better blogger :)


  1. Welcome back, Brandi! I have missed you!
    I LOVE your new camera!! I am pretty sure that is the one that I have been eyeing for my tax return as well! I am so excited!
    It sounds like there are lots of positives to go with the new company. Hopefully they will out weigh the negatives.
    I went to Denver last year for a dental convention and it was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to hear about your trip and see pics! Have fun!

  2. I also have missed you Brandi...glad you are all well and it sounds like you've been busy. I have been through companies I've worked for being sold and it's work out well both times.
    The trip to Denver sounds awesome!

  3. Hi Brandi, I am glad your job is secure. It makes me appreciate how lucky we are in Europe. We have a very different system than you, I get 33 annual leave days per year, and sickness pay.

    Your photographs are really good, I love the flower pictures.

    Have a fab holiday an post lots of pictures on your return.

  4. It's not fun to be sold. But I'm still at the company that bought my previous one and that was in 1991. Sounds like you got a good deal.

    I'm totally envious of your new camera! I desperately need a new one and have tried to convince myself I need to wait until closer to travel time. Looks like yours takes great pictures!