March 16, 2008

Busy Saturday

Whew! We made it! What a busy, busy day! Amanda & I started out bright & early with a run into town to do a few errands (bank, grocery store & pick up Amanda's new glasses). Then we hurried back home to pick up Emilee and headed out to the church for the annual Easter egg hunt. It's always held rain or shine, and we all have a great time! The girls arrived in time to complete a few crafts, play a few games, watch the "Easter story" skit and, of course, do the egg hunt. There are always plenty of prizes to be handed out, along with TONS of candy. This year Amanda brought home an Uno Attack game and a $50 savings bond, and Emilee brought home a small digital camera, some play gooey stuff and a ball. The prizes are great, but they really just have a great time playing with all the kids and doing the egg hunt.

When that was over we headed back home again to pick up Dan and head to St. Louis for the High School Musical on Ice show. They've been waiting for this for over a month, and were so excited (High School Musical is one of their favorite shows). The show did not disappoint. We had great seats, and the show was awesome! They've never been to any show on ice, and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to take them.

They make it look so easy! Watching them ride a bike, drive a golf cart, play basketball...all on can't be as easy as they make it look! I wonder how long they had to practice. It's amazing!

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