February 11, 2008

Sunday Fun

A couple weeks ago Emilee won a gift certificate to a pottery shop here in town. I'd heard of this shop, but really had no idea what they offered. But, on Sunday, we decided to venture out & see what kind of fun we could have. And boy did we have fun!

It turned out to be a nice little studio where you can pick out your own pottery...they have everything from little trinket boxes, piggy banks & small figurines to small cups, bowls and plates...all the way up to huge platters & vases! (My first thought was...what perfect gifts these would make!) It took forever for the girls to decided what they should make! After quite some time Emilee settled on a standing puppy and Amanda decided on a salad plate. Emilee decided her puppy should be black with white spots & a green collar, while Amanda chose a sunny yellow for her plate...with purple, green & blue swirls. Both turned out really good for their first time. We'll go back in Friday to pick up the finished product...after it's been glazed & fired. I know Amanda can't wait to use her plate! I'm sure we'll be back for more soon! (I have my eye on a cute little bank in the shape of an elephant...too cute!)


  1. Looks like fun!
    I tagged you, so come to my blog to see what you're supposed to do now.

  2. Great job! I love the puppy and the plate.

  3. So fun! We use to have a place like this in our town and my boys loved it...ok...so did I!! The best thing I ever did was a big platter for Thanksgiving. I made a turkey out of my boys handprints!!