January 07, 2008

I'm Lovin' It!


These are the temperatures for the past 3 days in MO. In January!!! Wow!!
Needless to say we took full advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend by spending some time outside. The girls (and Dan) played on the trampoline, rode bikes & scooters, had picnics, etc... We opened the windows and aired out the house a bit. It's nice to break up the yucky cold, dreary weather with bouts of sunshine & warmer temps (although it's not doing much for my sinus/cold). The girls were starting to get a little cabin fever, so the nicer weather was more than welcome. Unfortunately, it's supposed to get cooler starting tomorrow (but not below 40 the whole week). I'll take it!


  1. sounds wonderful! Its warm here in Atlanta as well!

  2. It was 40 in Minneapolis yesterday. I took my coat off! We'd see people in shorts if it ever got to 70 here. :)))

  3. Oh fun! Enjoy it! It is warm here in GA today too. Crazy! It was 15 on Thursday and 70 today. What is that about?

  4. We ate out on the deck yesterday for dinner! Crazy weather but a nice break from normal January temps.

  5. I am loving the cool weather in FL... so nice...